Sunday, September 19, 2010

The bad good food....

 Fish, to taste right, must swim three times – in water, in butter and in wine. —–Polish proverb 

 The appetizing proverb painfully brings to life the biggest irony which life plays on us -

“Good tasting food is bad for health
Bad tasting food is good for health” 

Indeed , what can be more painful. It seems as if an ancient pharaoh curse places upon the human generation – "Thou shall eat only to live but not live to eat." The moment you try to add taste to any dish - it either shoots up in calories pushing your belly size or it either becomes the worst possible thing you could do to your liver.

What wrong did we do the universe in its initial days that it ironically jewelled us with the sense of smell, taste and sight but snatched from us the bliss to devour a beautiful meal? The moment we glide a tasty morsel down our throat, our mind starts to distract the joy by popping up images of a treadmill .And what can be more unfair in life than the fact that - the delicious taste which lasts for an instance or two has to be followed up with a workout of an hour or so. Is it an ultimate punishment for our instant gratification of materialism or is it the settlement we have to pay the sins of our past lives.

“A dream to live and eat merry
A dream to wine and dine the cherry
A dream to gourmet endless under the sky
A dream which we are, alas forced to die” 

And all our advanced technology cannot help us to solve this quandary. We can slice microchips, hundred times thinner than the human hair but we cannot come up with something which will slice away our belly fat. If only while the human body was evolving there was a mutation which made the body burn down the excessive fat automatically and immediately – what a yummy life it would have been. Imagine devouring all culinary dishes one after the other without an iota of a worry to become fat or chubby. Technology and human body indeed have scope to develop more.

“Butter Chicken will kill me for sure,
Bitter guard juice is the only cure,
Spicy, tangy and sizzle i have to abhor
Boil with no oil only I am to devour
Not fair for sure."
Another fact one fails to understand is in spite of all these inhibitions, we have created one delicacy after other. From the fathoms of ancient scriptures to the naive interactions with new societies – all have produces new culinary dishes. Or perhaps it is the restriction that we can only enjoy a limited amount of dishes, inspires us to make more and more exotic and delicious dishes.

“Eat I cannot all of it
But eat I shall, as much I can
You can call me a glutton
But I am not sparing any mutton
Call me if you want to - a couch potato
But i will still devour all the Lasanga Tomato
I will consume all the Curry spice
Until the moment I am consumed by life”


  1. Very cool article, Schu. Indeed.
    And why is it too good? Its the first instinct of survival, so it gives to human being pleasure. Our selfish gene :P
    And funny, sometimes the taste is in our blood.
    I'm italian descendent, then i so miss pasta, tomato or bread (any dough) everytime i am hungry. I only get satisfied with that. God, i love Lasagna! I'm pacgirl of lasagna :P

  2. Humorous article. Like it. Sangeeta