Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buzzzzz Wars

You will surly agree with me on this one friend - “Neither of us like mosquitoes”. The threat of malaria and dengue is another thing; but even when the mosquitoes are not acting as parasites for these dangerous diseases ; they still have more than a handful of annoying tricks up their sleeves (or should I say – up their wings) to harm us. And harm us they have to - after all we are the source of their food. Oh! I mean the source of their drinks (and all of us like to have more and more drinks, don’t we?).

However even among all this logic, I fail to understand why mosquitoes carry a special grudge against me. Countless times it has happened that when I am with a group of people , be it any place - someone’s home , a tent camp etc  , I will be  the only person whom the mosquitoes will choose to bite, And , as if the irritation caused from the mosquito bites is not enough , the utter refusal from the other people in the gathering to believe that there are mosquitoes in vicinity is even more frustrating. They always think that I am just cooking up false stories And when I try to prove my honestly by showing them the mosquito bites, all of them will turn their head in the opposite direction in unison and grumble that I am creating a scene for no reason.

Even though I feel emotionally hurt at this apathetic behaviour, i have no hard feelings for my fellow companions, After all they cannot understand and hence cannot sympathize this unique war which is going on between the mosquitoes and me.

But why is this war is going on is even beyond me . The mosquitoes always seem to have a plan against me – one will start buzzing around my head and while I am trying to look up as to where the little beast actually is; two other will come to my feet and give me their most powerful stings.

I don’t know what wrong I have done to the mosquito community to deserve this treatment from them ? Maybe my face resembles the inventor of the mosquito repellent coil or solution. And whenever the mosquitoes see me – Revenge gets into their heads. Or maybe once in the past due to me a very important mosquito (such as Queen Mosquito of whole mosquito community or a mosquito who was proclaimed by the mosquitoes to be the next Avatar) was killed and since that day the whole community is after my blood. Or maybe some friend played a prank on me by informing these mosquitoes that I am very keen on blood donation and hence the mosquitoes attack me to fill up there blood banks .

Whatever the reason, i wish the somehow the mosquitoes also read this blog and reconsider their cruel strategy against me. The only thought that gives me a bit of respite is that – Unlike so many other things in this world; at least the mosquitoes do not suck my blood with disguised intentions. (pun intended !).


  1. lol.. and I thought its only us(human) who bug you.. :P
    buzzzzzzz zzzzz zzz zzzzzz zzzz z zzz z zzz zzzzzzzz
    (a really nice read!)

  2. some humans do irritate me more than the others - especially those who buzzzz like mosqitoes :)))