Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Disconnect Within - A Poem

Thinking upon the same disconnect which I put up in the last blog 'The Disconnect Within', I went about composing a poem which highlights the same issue.The poem talks of a scenario where a fundamental concept is looked upon from different points of view and in the end one feels lost by so many distinct impressions.
Do provide your thoughts on the same.

The Disconnect Within
Things are same
Eyes are different
Objects are same
Thoughts are different
Ask a biologist
“What is heart?”
‘a pumping organ it is
consisting of four parts
it contracts and expands within inside
helps us to live from outside'
Ask a physicists
“What is heart in ur measure?”
‘He quips-‘don’t you know the concept of pressure?’
it pumps the blood up and down
force/area is how to count’
Ask a mechanic loud apart-
“Heart?’what is meant by this part?’
He answers mockingly sitting in his chair
'The only machine that I can’t repair!’

Question a soldier who fights at heights
‘something inside covered with stones so tight,
to keep yours beating,make the others quiet.'
Examine a psychiatrist and he nods-
‘a portion which is always blooded
sometimes barren,sometimes flooded’
Pepper a gambler what is heart
‘one of the symbols of the card’
A heart surgeon would give another reply
“What is heart?”
'The means to make money fast,my friend,
when hearts of other wreak,
I gain a big cheque.'
Ask a human, "What is heart?"
‘Something inside,it is curled
A world beating within a world
A place for building passion and dreams
A place for fretting failures and screams
Whatever it is,its part of my system
because of it , I am called human’

“So many advices,so many views
what to neglect,what to choose
You ask me-what is heart?
I am sorry,I am confused
Within choices ,I cannot choose"

Let me ask God, but alas he/she again betrays
And with a placid voice says -
'The question you ponder my child, is deep indeed
But I cannot provide the answer to what you seek
For if the answer to this is known to you
You will become one of me, and that I cannot let you.'



  1. Great thoughts man!!!! never knew you think in volumes!! i like the interpretation of 3 walls.. and the resulting poem.. my favorite in movie is only juhi in gorgeous saris :D.. jokes apart.. you won a regular follower.. soo just keep posting........ cyaa

  2. wat to say dear..........a deep silent flows within........grr8 thinking bhai.....an analyst only can think so up to dis extent.........must say a tremendously mindblowing......is this really u???...a big ques....:)....hats off!!!