Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Disconnect Within

I was reading through "Uncommon Wisdom" by Dr.Frijof Capra , the famous author of "The Tao of Physics".In a chapter named "The Big Dialogue of Sur" , experts from various fields discuss about the basic question -"What is health?".The dialogue drifted across various domains - genetics,economics,psychology,medicine, matter and wave duality, history and so on.An extremely enriching discussion which made me again contemplate as to whether our approach to try to understand concepts by using the abstraction models and modularization techniques have been a success or whether the approach has hidden from us as much as it has revealed.

All our education is based of choosing a model to represent a phenomenon and then understanding it after ignoring off the parameters which we find uncritical to our model. I find all this has let to a broken perception of the world for us.

We play with formulas as to how to move electrons from one circuit point to another and hence produce electric current of the required strength. But we never give a moment to realize how many electrons are moving in and around our body.We never attempt to try and find a connect between these two electron motions - one in the electric wires and one in our body. When we think of electronics circuits and wires  , we think of electronics circuits and wires only .We do not even realize that the same phenomenon is taking place is our body.When we think of the reactions happening inside our body , we block off the electronics.It has become our second nature to try and divide a phenomenon into fragments or into multiple opinions.

But we rarely try to consolidate the different views into one holistic view.
Has there been a fundamental mistake in our model which we have used for understanding things ?
Or it is that we have forgotten that the map is not the territory ? We affix our thoughts on our model believing  it to be true, while forgetting at the same time the model in its base itself is an abstracted approximation.

The more we advance , the more unrest grows. We divide Gods, region , religion forgetting them main reason why these divisions were made.These divisions are not our inherent characteristics, but were put in place to make things easy ?

How to escape and evolve over this ideology of broken perceptions ?


  1. I am positive about the new view of world... i guess the holistic view is increasing...
    Very interesting ur post :)
    Liked this 'we have forgotten that the map is not the territory'. :)

  2. soul is the purest religion. follow it. every individual, whether a priest in the church or the soldier on the border follow what they have to do at that moment of time. no one trigger fires or fire triggers religion but their self esteemed bullets to the alien society. it is the soul which will follow ts root to the soil..
    map isnt the territory but map makers r the terrorists..i beleive i can write on it too..lol..stay stunning..sanjeev raj

  3. @ Mari - Thanks for your point of vie- I do agree and wish indeed that the holistic view mindset increases.We need modularization at our lower thought processes but we cleatr a united picture in our higher thoughts and concepts.

  4. @ Sanjeev - Love the line - map isnt the territory but map makers r the terrorists.
    I am looking forward to an article from you.