Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Little I

This post has also been posted by me as a guest author on Little Lights . Little Lights blog is owned by Marilia Magdala.

Little Lights in the sky
Little stars twinkle my eye
Little moon above so high
Little eyes can see so high.

Little wings of the butterfly
Little rain drops falling by
Little chirp of the bird that fly
Little cloud in the sky.

Little sound the wind with fly
Little grasshopper jump so high
Little nut of squirrel shy
Little rabbit runs so why .

Little sound of train go by
Little dog to catch insect try.
Little cat on tree so high
Little plane up in sky.

Little cow chew and mow
Little seeds the farmer sow
Little egg the chicken lay 
Little frogs croak to say

Little leaf on the ground fall
Little tree will grow so tall
Little dew on rose so small
Little sound of the church toll.

Little little the world so all
Little little I will know it all
Little little I see with the eye
Little little learns the Little I.


  1. Thats too sweet, schumi! :) really very cute ^^, thanks a lot! Simple and so beautiful...
    And the little things r the best things of life, no? And thats gud, now the world is too little for us, friends!
    I want this little things always, cause they make our life and our heart big!(and the frienship!)
    :) keep writting, i am ur fan also!


  2. suweet one!! Agree with Marilia, its the little things which make life intresting!! keep writing you're making huge progress buddy!! good luck!!

  3. little than large, larger than little,
    thoughts go by, thoughts that tickle,
    larger than large, smaller than little
    life goes soft, instincts go metal..

    stay stunning..sanjeev raj