Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Two of Me

There are moments in our life where we stare at defeat and difficult times.
We are at the crossroads - we do not know what to do.
At these times, our inner self seems divided in two - our  I and You.

We stop , listen to both and we think..........
Some of us follow the I 
Some of us follow the You.  

The Me – I

A fear hides in the heart
That dreams would die only as dreams
Unfulfilled ambitions yet
And soul would depart
Body would lay satisfied
But wanting soul would still scream.

Even then , 
No more dreams now I strive to pure
No new dimensions I try to explore
Too many constrains the free will found
It killed the dreams, I lived to bound

Past boundaries have punctured the heart

More failures may rip it apart
So I live now this vegetative life
Daily chores and no delight
No excitement in life for sure
But at least pain I bear No More !

The Me - You

You may fear to die,
You may not - I cannot say
But you fear to live
One by one you kill each day

Intense pain is better
Slow pain to death – Never!
Dormant life is sin for sure
So precious life is 
Vegetation is no cure .
Attempt and action 
Coulld bring joy 
Could bring sorrow
But they bring an alive tomorrow
Dream and decision 
May give pain 
May give gain
But they make you live again. 
Inaction is state of defeated mind.
A champion lives each moment
All the time.
Today you vegetate
By taming your soul
Tomorrow the body
With age will tame you old
Before you decay
Yourself you cure
One life, Do More !


  1. Beautiful Verse.. just beautiful.. didn't knew you think so between the thoughts.. :) stealing lines for my stat msg.. can relate so much with these ones.. :D !!! keep writing!

  2. @ Nea - Its an honour that you find the lines good enough to be fit for your status message :)

  3. This is what i feel sometimes. Everyone i guess. Deep and truly thoughts.
    I think the "You" also means the reason of ur life, you see in other 1 reason to live. (not properly a person, but something extern)

    :)One life, Do More !