Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Animal faith

The more independent our free will becomes with age , 
the more barriers we impose on ourselves with our self made boundries......

Early morning temple visit
Awakened the spirit within me
All problems now seemed so small
 I could win them one and all
All negative thoughts went aside
And peace originated from my inside.

And as a holy me walked home,
That cow calf grabbed my attention
Stuck in the drainage nearby
It meeked for help and resurrection

Temple brought out my passion and zeal
A God’s soldier is born to heal
Half hour of diligent hard toil
I rescued the calf back on firm soil

It started caressing my feet in affection
It seemed reward enough for my good intentions
But just then from afar,
The calf owner came up running,
Short of breath but not short of thanks
It carried away its calf while brimming

Looking at the owner and calf depart,
Satisfaction took leave from my heart
All my efforts seemed a waste.
Not even blessings I deserve to taste
From the bounty of my Almighty grace

If only I had already known it,
While I was busy toiling to save it,
But chances of prior notion were slim,
And the cow never told me it was Muslim.


  1. very interesting :) good one!

  2. the followers r who make their religion to be a boundary :/

  3. beautiful post buddy... Wake up people!!