Monday, October 18, 2010

The Kajal Eyes

The poetic eyes span unfazed,
Black kajal lines lacing its beauty,
To look at them and be lost amazed,
Is a necessary act of duty.

The beauty in them,
This parented dream and art.
The blink in them,
This gave rhythm to the beating heart.
The shade in them,
This subdued color for black and white.
The twinkle in them,
This brought the stars to light.
The depth in them,
This defined love, joy and pain.
The tear drop in them
This taught heavens to rain.

But see what irony the Nature plays,
Opposites it puts in one place -
How such powerful eyes,
Can tender eyelashes give company?
How such soft an eye,
Can pierce my heart with arrow?
How such delightful a creation,
Can provide tears to partner sorrow?

And what injustice the Almighty plays,
Idea of equality he betrays -
One stern gaze she beholds on me,
My entire mind she unfolds from me.
And when her depth I try to measure,
I only submerge more in her treasure.

Logic, reason, emotion - all I sold,
Still can’t grasp what they hold.
But still I toil-on with all my eager,
For it will be so less than meagre,
To lose the earth, heaven and all its gold,
But be the one her eye beholds. 


  1. :) It seems that Kajal eyes are powerful!

  2. :)
    Good Good ......
    Most of the people talks about eyes you are talking about KAJAL EYES .....