Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh My God !

Born without religion
But soon enough
I am taught about my God
And taught why my God
is better than  the best.

I accept it and move ahead
But time puts questions in head
It struggles to identify
Why it the best
And struggle to see what difference
It provides me from the rest.

But a difference religion provides yes
Of whether in my death
I am buried or burnt.
But then
A dead me would hardly care
Of the fire or the coffin
Or the soil affair.

So why not    
Suspend religion until
I reach in my grave
And not let my life
Be its slave.

Or perhaps
Follow the religion
Which keeps me forever alive
And does not desert me
Eventually to death side

But such a religion
Can never be
For,God I was taught
But immortality
How can they teach me ?.

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