Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Ear-Ring

I could only catch a glimpse of her from the side;
but that was enough ....

A look at her and the moment froze
Her tender ear as if a white rose 
So tender that it swirls with the breeze
Still holds that ear-ring with graceful ease.

The earring –
It sings as if a sparkling jewel
In the breeze it dances and dwells
Sometimes it kisses her hair
Sometime her cheek
Heaven on earth it knows how to seek.

And then the ring
Whispers something in her ear
Perhaps it warns her –
Of the observing intruder so near
And No!
She starts to move away,
And I am left so much behind.
How much I envy the ring
It is so close to her all the time

And as if my spell curses the ring
The ear forfeits it, downward it slings
The graceful one walks away in bliss
Not having the idea of what is amiss
I run to grab the ring so round
After its journey from heaven to ground

The ring and I now hand in hand
So close to heaven and yet on land
We stand alone though we are two
And watch her go away from view
Our memory gains her forever beauty today 
But alas! Our heart is taken away.


  1. My! My! My!..... Lovely thoughts!!!! but stop stealing ear rings dumbooo... aage badooo :P